Born in 1989, Ilya Jivoy is an award winning Russian Choreographer, Dancer and Director.

Educated in one of the best ballet schools in the world – Vaganova Ballet Academy and having extensive experience performing both classical and modern ballets at the Mariinsky Theater, Ilya Jivoy connects his work with the aesthetics and beauty of the Russian Ballet School. Although he rethinks it, tries to find and discover new facets, experiments with the form and content, as well as uses modern theatrical techniques, combined with the fundamental foundations of classical ballet, neoclassicism, contemporary style and modern choreography. 

The performances of Ilya Jivoy are truly emotional and dynamic, saturated with movement and genuine energy of pure dance. They never leave audience indifferent, forcing them to plunge into the action, experience and feel every emotion together with the artists on stage.

His debut production, the one-act ballet «E2» to music by A. Dvořák, was presented as part of the Creative Workshop of Young Choreographers at the Mariinsky Theater in 2013 which launched his illustrious career as choreographer. 

While continuing researching and experimenting with the choreographic movements, Ilya Jivoy authored more than twenty different projects in Russia and around the world. He successfully cooperates with international venues, festivals and television projects on a regular basis, creating performances which are highly respected for their crossover of neoclassical and contemporary dance. His works already occupy a major place in the repertoire of the Mariinsky Theater and are shown all over the world include Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Spain and many others.

High quality of performance, author’s style and attention to detail, the use of modern technologies and solutions for the decoration of the performance – these are the distinctive features of the works of Ilya Jivoy.

“I am very interested in everything new and unusual, and I try to integrate this into my performances. The use of video design, digital technology, complex light and, of course, modern costume design are all very important today. But the most important thing is the performers. I am a perfectionist and I pay a lot of attention to images and work on plastic. The viewer must believe the artist, I must believe .. “

For his work, Ilya Jivoy was awarded the “Hope of Russia” award, he is a laureate of the highest theatrical prize of St. Petersburg “Golden Soffit”, the prize of the “Union of Theater Figures of Russia”, was nominated for the highest theatrical prize of Russia “Golden Mask».