Premiere date
8 August 2021,
Origen Festival cultural,

55 min

Concept, Direction and Choreography
Ilya Jivoy

Max Richter

Costume Design
Sonya Vartanyan

Lighting Design
Konstantin Binkin 

«Fatum» is a reflection on the eternal question that has tormented the minds of people from time immemorial: is our fate predetermined? Do we have the right to choose or are all our deeds already inscribed in eternity, and we only follow the path already known to the higher forces, unable to change anything?

But this is not the most important thing that I want to talk with the viewer about .. I am very attracted by the topic of a person’s acceptance of himself in the modern world, as well as the topic of a person’s acceptance by another person in the modern world, self-conscience and self-creation.

I want to touch on very serious points related to the identification and positioning of a person in the digital environment around us, where there are so many patterns, clichés and imposed standards that destroy the main and eternal truth – harmony with oneself.

«Fatum» is a story about us, about those who now dream, feel, fight, suffer, win, hide, love, and dream again ..

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