Photo by Tom Mckenzie

Premiere date
12 August 2022,
Kammerballetten Festival,
Denmark, Copenhagen

20 min

Concept, Direction and Choreography
Ilya Jivoy

Peteris Vasks

Costume Design
Sonya Vartanyan

Lighting Design
Rojer Irman

“This is a ballet about humanity in the first place, about the uniqueness of each of us.
I work with a group of dancers and each of them has its own character, its own soul. It’s a ballet about unity, and it’s called UNIO.
It is very important for me now to talk about this, to remind how important it is to be close to loved ones, no matter what, support each other and walk together along this difficult but wonderful path of life.
And of course the music sets the general mood.
I’m really excited to work with Vasks’ music, it’s so unique and it creates a whole universe of images.
I immediately saw the stucture of ballet in her, which rarely happens to me as a choreographer.”

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